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Step 1

The first step is to contact us so we can register your requirements

The Dubai sales market can be extremely competitive and fast-moving so registration of your requirements is a must so we can contact you quickly with available properties.

By registering your requirements we can make sure your requirements are matched perfectively so viewings can be carried out quickly.

Step 2

What is your overall budget?

We always advise our clients to have their finances arranged in principle, prior to making any offer. This means that you understand the maximum you can afford, assuming all associated fees.

We have an inhouse mortgage broker who’s role is to source the best possible mortgage terms and rates from all UAE banks. Alternatively if you have arranged your finance, its always advisable to show proof of this to any perspective sellers.

Step 3

Do you have any properties to Sell?

If you need to sell your property to buy your new property, it is advisable you start to market your property as quickly as you can in the most professional manner, to maximise your sale price.

Sellers also like to see that you are actively marketing your home, so the sale doesn’t stall.

Our goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible for the highest price achievable.

Step 4

This is the fun bit, searching for your dream home

Our agents will discuss with you a number of properties, on our database of which meets your requirements.

These will include main points such as; size, location, number of bedrooms and outdoor space.

Step 5


Once the shortlist has taken place, our agents will arrange viewings on the chosen properties.

You can either visit our office and travel together to the property or the agents will meet you at each of the properties. We find clients like traveling with our agents as they get a chance to talk about each of the properties, between viewings.

Step 6

Finding hour home and making offer

Once you have viewed and found your dream home, its time to make an offer.

We always recommend making an offer below the marketing price so there is some room for negotiations.

Likewise we also recommend that you keep within your maximum amount that you can borrow and that you show the buyer proof of funds.

When we put forward the offer, we also include any conditions of purchase for instance completion date.

During this process, our agent will negotiate all of these points on your behalf.

Step 7

Offer accepted

Once the offer has been successfully negotiated and accepted, then forms need to be signed by both parties and security deposit of 10% of the purchase price needs to be provided.

  • Our agents will talk you through the entire process of this.
  • During this stage the mortgage needs to be finalised with your mortgage broker or bank and all documents relating to the purchase needs to be provided.
  • Our inhouse team of conveyancers will arrange this.
Step 8


As part of the conveyancing process, on request, your we will do the following:

  • Collect all ID documents from all parties
  • Complete all forms as per RERA
  • Contact Sellers bank for any Mortgage clearance letters
  • Collect all cheques
  • Finalize mortgage offer from Buyers bank

Our inhouse agents and conveyancers will walk you through the process.

Step 9

Mortgage offer

A valuation of the property will be booked on behalf of the mortgage lender to identify the property's value.

After the mortgage valuation report is received, a formal mortgage offer will be sent to you which you will need to sign before it is returned.

Step 10

Transfer and Completion

After an agreed date has been booked, buyer and seller visit one of the registered transfer offices to complete the transaction.

Once again our agents will be with you through the whole process to make sure completion is a smooth process.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Home!

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