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Step 1

The very first thing is to call us and register your details which are simply:

  • Name and contact details
  • Maximum budget
  • Locations
  • Type of property you wish to rent (house, apartment, bedrooms etc)

We strongly recommend that you only register with one estate agent otherwise you will have multiple agents calling the same landlord for the same property, which means that the price will increase as the landlord thinks there is more demand than supply!

Then we can start our work!

Step 2

Sourcing the right property for you

Once we know what you want we will find it for you!

We will source both on-market and off-market properties to find the exact property you are looking for.

We will update you on a daily basis so you are in the loop!

Step 3

Short or Long Let?

Typically people with short lets are in-between properties or perhaps visiting Dubai for an extended vacation or looking for work.

Short lets provide the convenience of a apartment or villa without committing to lengthy annual contracts.

Typically you will pay more (per month) that if you rented it for the year however less than a hotel of equal quality.

Step 4

Properties with management contracts

For peace of mind for unforeseen issues, some properties come with management contracts in place meaning that if you have any issues then a dedicated team will come and fix them without charge to the tenant.

You can request, during the negotiation stage, that the landlord provides this service.

As part of the tenancy contract there will be a clear understanding of the tenants and landlords responsibility, which includes maintenance.

Step 5

Viewing your home

Once you have narrowed down the properties which we have sent you, we will arrange viewings on the preferred ones.

We can either drive you to each of the properties or arrange to meet you there.

We always recommend a viewing is carried out, prior to any tenancy contract being signed.

Step 6

Making an offer

Once you fall in love with your next home, please discuss with your dedicated agent an offer. That will be the starting point of the negotiations with the landlord.

During this stage the main points are:

  • Rent
  • Start date of contract
  • Condition of property at start date (unfurnished or furnished)
  • Duration
  • Number of cheques
  • Managed
Step 7

Once you offer has been accepted

Once accepted, we will then draft the tenancy contract, collect the ID’s of the parties and collect the cheques.

Once all information has been collected, the tenancy contract is signed

Step 8

Move In

Congratulations, you move into your new home on the start date of the tenancy contract and we hope you will be very happy.

How much is your home worth?

We offer a free, no-obligation property valuation service to all homes in Dubai

Extended? Renovated? Remortgaging? Considering selling later? Or just curious?

We understand that getting an update on your property's value or rental potential can help you make better informed long-term decisions.