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How much will it cost me to let my property?

Nothing, our service is totally free!

We take our commission from the ingoing tenant of 5% of the rental contract as per RERA guidelines.

Are there any additional marketing costs?

We at Mylo bear all marketing costs for renting your property, which is why we ask that you soley use our services rather than discussing with multiple.

This ensures that we focus all our time and energy to get you the best price for your property, and rent it as quickly as possible.

Who will conduct viewings on my property and when will they occur?

We will be at the property for every viewing with all tenants as this allows us to discuss the property in detail.

Do I need to be present for viewings?

If your estate agent is accompanying all viewings and they have the access codes and keys for your property then your presence is not required.

It is worth noting that tenants often feel more relaxed when the owner is not present.

How much will it cost to have my property managed?

We charge a percentage of the rental price and is payable upon the tenant signing the Tenancy Agreement.

We have different management packages so please get in touch to discuss if you wish to have a simple rental service or take your mind of things and also deal with rent collection and maintenance.

How much is the tenant's deposit and what happens to it?

The tenant, as per RERA regulations, needs to provide a security deposit of 5% of the rental amount which is kept by the landlord. On completion an inspection is carried out and any damages are deducted form the 5% security deposit.

Any disputes, will be logged with RERA.

How long does it take to receive my rent once paid by the tenant?

If Mylo is responsible for rent collection you should receive your rent within 3-5 working days of the rental due date each month. The due date is typically, although not always, the date on which the tenant moved in.

For a short let you will receive your rent in full within 3-5 workings days of the commencement of the tenancy.

If we are not responsible for the rent collection, the rent (subject to tenant having appropriate funds) will be as per the cheques collected and tenancy contract.

How much is your home worth?

We offer a free, no-obligation property valuation service to all homes in Dubai

Extended? Renovated? Remortgaging? Considering selling later? Or just curious?

We understand that getting an update on your property's value or rental potential can help you make better informed long-term decisions.