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Step 1

What is your Property worth

Our sole purpose is to sell your property for as quickly as possible for the highest price possible.

We value properties everyday so we have a wide understanding of prices in each of the communities.

More time that not, through cleaver marketing channels we achieve either the asking price of the property or very close to the asking price.

Step 2

Select an estate agent

Your estate agent should have a strong presence in your community as this will assist seller in the overall process.

Having a strong presence means that we are aware of both buyers and sellers in that area and what prices are actually selling for.

We will know what buyers are looking for and therefore tailor your property to meet their requirements.

Step 3


We always recommend to our sellers to either use our inhouse conveyancing company or a similar conveyancing company who knows what is required for a smooth sale.

Paperwork can be overwhelming in Dubai so let us take the headache of making sure all of the requirements of buyer and seller are fulfilled.

Conveyancing can be the difference between sale going through or not, which is why its so important to get this stage right.

Step 4

Property Marketing

Marking the property ready for viewings is absolutely critical for a successful purchase.

We recommend obvious points such as always being clean and tidy and removing any unwanted clutter as some buyers can't see through this.

Other aspects are to make good any small repair works, which again have an impact on buyers.

We always recommend walls to be of natural colours so it maybe worth considering painting rooms with whites or creams.

Small touches like fresh flowers as people walk in and senses sometimes can be the difference between a sale or not!

We will arrange professional photographs which will be used as part of our marketing strategy.

Step 5

Finding a buyer, we can't sell a secret!

Not only do we do the usual forms of marketing such as online portals and our website but we also go that extra mile to include; mail shots, leaflet drops, SMS blasts, social media and even videos in some cases. Get in touch with our team to discuss the different marketing campaigns we can do.

Step 6


When we have interested parties, we book a suitable time for the potential buyer to visit your property. We always make sure we are present at every viewing so we can answer any question the buyer has.

We are professionals in this field so we always have an open conversation with the seller as to the best ways to address each viewing.

Our agents are available for viewings at both weekends at evenings, helping to maximise the view potential however we tried to avoid at all costs times which are not suitable to you.

Step 7

Offers from Buyers

We have a duty of care to disclose any offer made by buyers, even if they are not the price expectations we were hoping for.

Every offer is a starting point and buyers sometimes put in low offers to test the market, knowing it will be rejected.

We negotiate these offers to maximise the price for the seller, so you are in good hands.

Step 8

When you accept an Offer

When an offer is accepted we then arrange all the RERA required documentation which includes signing an MOU, cheque collection (for 10% of the sale price) and ID’s.

Once all the signed documents have been gathered, cheques collected and ID’s then we start the convenacying process of getting clearance letters from banks, mortgage offers from buyers and booking of transfer date with land registry.

Step 9

Transfer and Completion

After an agreed date has been booked, buyer and seller visit one of the registered transfer offices to complete the transaction.

Once again our agents will be with you through the whole process to make sure completion is a smooth process.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Home!

How much is your home worth?

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